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R&D Services and work Evaluation

R&D Services and work Evaluation

Research and development(R&D) term refer to the implementation of any project which dedicated to specific purpose. R&D is, more than anything else, an investigation, with the goal of coming up with something new – a discovery that will result in a new product or service, or one that will improve or enhance an existing offering.
In the innovative business approach, such research is “applied” (as opposed to theoretical) because its results will have real-world uses. Typical R&D activities include the following:

  • Designing and developing new products that have increased effectiveness or functionality.
  • Developing enhancements/improvements of existing products.
  • Designing and developing new testing methods/protocols.
  • Developing improved technologies for manufacturing, production, processes, especially those that reduce waste and increase yields or improve safety or energy use.
  • Development of robotics or other automated processes to improve efficiency.
  • Development of software for product or process improvements.

Role of Research and Development

Research and Development is very vital for any organization and its future sustainability. It is a future oriented goal to established new things or enhance the product quality/ functionality. The more you do research before developing the product, chances are the product will be more robust and durable. R&D basically can contribute in two ways. One. Sustained Product Development and Two. Disruptive Product Development